Outdoor Adventure

Hoy los alumnos de Outdoor Adventure se han ido a  jugar con la nieve para combatir el calor.

Maker and Fun 2

In Maker and Fun we had so much fun making some French croissants with chocolate. They where so yummy!!

Maker and Fun 3

Yesterday, we have learnt with the atlas about the continents, countries and seas. We have done Spain, Portugal, Finland and Sweden. It was so interesting and fun with the stickers.

We have gone to France to cook and taste some delicious croissants. We have prepared ourselves with the cook’s clothing and we have got down to work. What a tasty and fun experience! 😊

We have travelled to Athenes to participate in the Olympics Games. We have done long jump and tricycle relay. It was so exciting and fascinating. 😉 



Maker and Fun 1

We had a master class "French croissants.

Olympic Games

Summer box – magic box. A lot of fun.

Happy Summer


1. Km 0 Road to Europe. Week 1 (5-9 of july).

· Where is Wally?

We painted some eggs with different colors and we hid them around the playground. Then we played to find Wally, the only egg that was different from the others.

We had a really great time!

· The world turns.

With the spinning top we have worked on eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills using the pencil grasp.

The final goal was to simulate the rotating motion of the world.

· Spain and ole.

To carry out the activity we first dyed rice with yellow food coloring. Then we added our favorite ingredients to complete our typical Spanish paella.

· The incredible Aurora Borealis of Iceland.

To create our aurora borealis we used shaving foam and coloring of different colors. The children have played and experimented with the mixture and have captured it on a sheet of paper to finally see the expected aurora borealis.

· Swimming class

Every day in the morning we go to the swimming pool. The children have lot´s of fun in the water playing with balls, going down the slide, …

¡¡¡¡They are real swimmers!!!!

· Music class

The children can also enjoy music classes two days a week. We take advantage of these times singing songs, using instruments, making rhythms, dancing, …

They always have a great time.