Maker and Sport 1

Hoy, el grupo de Sport 1, hemos disfrutado de un paseo por el club, hemos visto caballos y ponis. Hemos visto como les peinaban, bañaban y también como daban clase. Nos lo hemos pasado genial.

Summer Fun 2

Hoy los alumnos de Summer Fun han modelado un monstruo utilizando los circuitos eléctricos, se han bañado en la piscina, han realizado muchos juegos en educación física, han terminado unas manualidades con su nombre y han acabado el día bailando.

Happy Summer 2

In Happy Summer, we enjoy our swimming lessons every day of the week. We have a great time while we learn how to swim with our teacher. Splish, splash!
En Happy Summer disfrutamos de nuestra clase de natación diaria. ¡Nos lo pasamos genial mientras aprendemos a nadar con nuestro profesor! 

Happy Summer 3

  • Inflatable world ball.

We used the ball to relax a bit and play some games. To do this, we all sat on the floor with our legs open and passed the ball to each other (rolling, bouncing, pushing it with one hand, then with the other…). The children really enjoyed this activity.

  • Italian chef’s hat and apron.

We have made this two garments with cardboard and garbage bags. With this we have been able to cook our delicious Italian pizza.

  • Welcome to our Italian restaurant

With our cap and apron on, we got down to work. Setting the class with Italian music we have made our sweet pizza.

We can say that we are already real chefs.

  • Sports

The children love going to sports with their teacher Hanna. In the class they do circuits to practice balance, use the tricycles, play with hoops, balls, ropes, etc.

The truth is that they really enjoy this class and never want it to end.

Maker and Sport 1

Elaborando una tarta de galletas con chocolate y natillas.

Maker and Fun 1

Have fun

making our flowerpot

discovering emotions

Maker and Fun 2

Children in Maker and Fun love playing in the swimming pool.