Summer Fun 2

Hoy los alumnos de Summer fun 2 hemos ido al club SEK a comer una barbacoa. ¡Qué rica!También en la clase de cocina hemos hecho unas piruletas de bizcocho y chocolate.

Happy Summer

Discovering America. Week 2 (12-16 of july).

· Niagara Falls / Sink or float.

To carry out this activity we talked and researched a little about Niagara Falls. To do this, we watched a number of real videos about them.

Then, we selected some objects that we use in our daily lives and observed whether or not they float on water.

· Decorating our flowerpots / Growing beans.

First we painted our pots with the colors of the Mexican flag (green, white and red).

When our pots were ready and dry, we put absorbent cotton soaked in water inside and planted instead of Mexican beans lentils.

· Old MacDonal had a farm

With the song of Old MacDonal had a farm we repeated the onomatopoeias of the different animals. Later, we placed all the animals that appeared in the song until we created our own farm.

· The Caribbean sea.

This activity consists of recreating the Caribbean Sea. To do this we used feather cardboard, blue paint, sand, shells and pictures of living creatures that can be found in this sea. While we were working, we could listen to typical Caribbean music to set the mood of the class.

Maker and Fun

Talleres de chino en SEK El Castillo.

Outdoor Adventure

Los cursos de Outdoor Adventure y nuestros mayores de Maker&Sports han pasado el día en el pantano San Juan disfrutando con los kayaks y SUP.